Morse Code

Interesting but there is Better

This is hard.  It takes electronics knowledge. But once you have this electronic circuit you can adapt it for all kinds of projects.  While this is a somewhat interesting project, a much better one is the LED Daemons.  The circuit is nearly the same but the affect of that one is much more exciting.

Morse Code

The first of a series of electronic Mad Wrapper schemes showed up on Christmas the late 1980’s. The party became very excited yet baffled, by the pile of presents tagged with a simple computer chip. Another present marked to everyone concealed a plastic box topped with a few LED lights and a connector plugging in a power supply, also provided, and more importantly a second connector to hold a computer chip! Once everything is together, the LEDs began endlessly blinking a message in Morse Code different for every chip. “TO DON FROM THE MAD WRAPPER”


  • up/down counter chip
  • 74ls74 inverter
  • resister
  • capacitor
  • LEDs

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