Electronic Messages

I created a series of electronic Mad Wrapper projects a some years ago.  Most of the these projects are based on a “simple” electronic circuit that I reused and adapted for a variety of projects.  The basic principle is to use a timer circuit to sequences through the contents of a flash memory part.  The output of the memory chip would be connected to different devices.  The frequency of the clock — the heartbeat — will be different depending on the type of message you are showing.

Typically for this type of Mad Wrapping, each gift around the tree would have a preprogrammed flash part tied to it.  Each flash was unique contained a different message.  One project used a set of serial connectors as dongles — each one wired slightly differently.

2013-12-31 15.31.44

When I get a chance I will dug up my old notes and write up the instructions for some of these.

Here is a list:

  • Morse code for the layman.
  • A remote controlled car that spells out people’s initials
  • Remote controlled carAn LED persistence of vision wand that spells out names in mid air when waved around in the dark. (Possibly The Mad Wrapper’s grandest.)
  • A set of HitClips sound chips that spoke gift receiver names
  • I programmed a Timex USB DataLink watch to, after a countdown, display a person’s name depending on where the bezel was set.  Nice hacker watch.  Too bad they discontinued it.  (Not quite in the same class as the other electronic projects, but fun nonetheless.)


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